Friday, December 19, 2008

Mod Podge Plate

Sorry about the glare on the picture. All you need for this is some cute paper, Mod Podge (Kind of like white Elmer's glue, you'll find it in the craft section. I prefer matte finish), and a clear glass plate. I bought my plate at Wal-mart for about $1.50.
Apply pieces of your paper to the backside of the plate with the Mod Podge. To do this, brush some Mod Podge onto the backside of the plate, then place the paper over on top of the Mod Podge, then brush Mod Podge over the paper. It looks ugly at first and it's kind of messy, but it all dries clear. Make sure to do the right side of the paper facing through the plate, so you can see it from the front side :-)
Obviously the plate's not dishwasher safe after this, but it makes a cute kitchen decoration when propped up on a little stand :-)

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jill said...

I am a big modge-podger myself. if you go to the craft store, you can buy some unfinished wood frames for a few bucks. I have been inking the edges of the paper for a vintage look, and then modge-podging it onto the frames. just paint the sides, and back and you have a great, one of a kind frame. (and I sell them at our shop for like 14 bucks!)