Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scrapbook Page

So I've taken about a five year hiatus from scapbooking. I was the senior class historian in high school and one of my responsibilities was creating a scrapbook of the events during the school year. Since scrapbooking then became an obligation I started to enjoy it does most things once they are an obligation instead of a hobby. Anyway, now that I have about 200 pictures of our 4 month old, I decided I probably better get back in the game before it's too overwhelming :-) So here's the first page for Maggie's scrapbook. It feels good to be back.


jill said...

very cute janessa, I love all the will be glad you wrote so much down.

beccandjp said...

im glad your back at it cuz your the best i know, our senior class book was amazing!!!!!