Friday, July 31, 2009

Distressed Wood Coat Hanger

I have a weakness. It shows itself in the form of rustic home decor. I just simply love it! So when my husband said we needed a coat hanger by one of the doors I saw it as an opportunity to distress wood and do something crafty.

I went to the craft store in search of some decorative hooks. I had a particular kind in mind...

But apparently they don't sell these any more. As I was wiping the tears away I noticed this little guy poking its pointy head out of a basket.

I quickly snatched three before they went extinct as well.

When I got home I found a scrap 1x6 in the shed. I clamped it down and took a reciprocating saw to it. I sawed out little notches along all the edges and sanded it nice and smooth.

Then I took it out to the woodshed--figuratively speaking now, since the woodshed is literally where it was. Well, we were on the lawn in front of the woodshed.

Please don't think I'm crazy for referring to myself and a board as "we."

With a chain in hand I beat the daylights out of that board. Twenty lashes later I called it sufficient. Actually, I would have kept going but my neighbors were looking at me whip a 1x6 with a chain like I was some psycho lady. Since we're new in town I'm still a little worried about first impressions and all. So I smiled, picked it up, and brushed it off.

I spread a little stain on it. It filled all of its wounds with warm beautiful color and it no longer hurt from it's beating.

Then it met these decorative hooks and they lived happily ever after on my wall.


jill said...

I. Love. That. Seriously Janessa, you got something good going on there!!

I hope you don't mind when I copy the chain idea, I am always looking for good ways to distress!

the Provident Woman said...

I love that. It looks awesome.

Star said...

Ha ha! I love it, complete with the way you wrote it. I can just see you with your board. I also refer to my projects and I as "we". It turned out awesome. I need to do something about a coat hanger as well. Hmmmm.