Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Have you Ever?

Have you ever had a fried egg on a hamburger? If you haven't you should try it. My husband served an L.D.S. mission in South Africa and he ate these there all the time. So every once in a while when I make hamburgers for supper I fry a few eggs to go on top.

How about jam or jelly on top of a grilled cheese sandwich? It might sound weird, but I won't eat a grilled cheese sandwich any other way. Raspberry jam is my favorite.

What weird food combinations do you enjoy? One of my roommates in college liked peanut butter and pickle sandwiches...I never mustered up enough courage to try it but she spoke very highly of the combination.

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jill said...

ha! I never thought about an egg on a hamburger! scott's mom has totally converted me to putting a hard boiled egg sliced up in my tuna sandwich though...mmmm!

the jam and cheese thing doesn't seem that weird, people put jam on their bagels with cream cheese right?!?

fun post!